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Innovative Team with Proven Leadership

Aviva is founded by a group of seasoned executives with a successful track record in technology innovation and business execution.

Aviva is a dynamic and fast growing in-vehicle connectivity solutions company enabling the world’s highest performance links for automotive applications.

At Aviva, we are utilizing our deep domain expertise in multi-Gigabit technologies and networking protocols to build the world’s most advanced and highly integrated connectivity solutions that will enable the next generation of Software-Defined Vehicles. By creating highly scalable and secure end-to-end products, our mission is to fuel the needs of AI processors and advanced sensors that drive modern vehicles.

Kamal Dalmia

Kamal Dalmia

CEO & Co-founder
Kamal is a technology executive with a successful track record of building businesses from inception. He has pioneered several connectivity technologies that have shaped the industry over two decades.
Sachin Goel

Sachin Goel

Co-Founder and VP, Digital & Systems Engineering
Sachin is a technology executive with 20+ years of experience leading world-wide design teams. He has deep technical expertise and a track record of designing best-in-class chips.
Hiok Tiaq Ng

Hiok-Tiaq Ng

Co-Founder and VP, Analog Engineering
Tiaq is a hands-on engineering leader with over 20 years of experience in advanced Analog Mixed-Signal designs and Analog Front Ends for enterprise and automotive applications.
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