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Redefining In-Vehicle Connectivity with Best-in-Class Technology

Sensors such as cameras, radars and LiDARs are considered the “eyes and ears” of modern vehicles, while the AI processors are the “brains”. Using this metaphor, Aviva’s networking technology is the indispensable “nervous system” that connects it all together. Our connectivity solutions are an integral part of the AI-driven vehicle systems.

Aviva’s Ethernet and Automotive SerDes Alliance (ASA) solutions for next-generation Software-Defined Vehicles are designed to move vast amounts of data at Multi-Gigabit speeds, while significantly exceeding the performance, power, solution size, security and cost metrics.

Highest Speed

World's fastest Multi-Gigabit automotive SerDes

Lowest Latency

Ultra-low latency interoperable solutions

Smallest Footprint

Smallest solution size per Gigabit of data

Lowest Power

Breakthrough architecture resulting in ultra low power

Strongest Security

Bullet proof security guarantees safe transmission

Superior Diagnostics

Best-in-Class link monitoring and reliability

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