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The World’s Highest Performance Infrastructure for Automotive AI and ADAS Systems

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AVIVA Unveils the Industry’s First Asymmetrical Ethernet Devices for Automotive AI and ADAS Applications

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Best-In-Class Technology

In-vehicle connectivity for software defined architecture

Aviva has set the industry benchmark for infrastructure bandwidth and performance and our innovative technology is solving some of the most difficult problems faced by modern vehicle architects. Our solutions securely move unprecedented amounts of data across the vehicle from advanced sensors to the AI processors with ultra-low latency.

Extensive Portfolio of Products

Wide Range of Applications

Aviva’s extensive portfolio of ETHERNET and ASA semiconductor products are used to build critical infrastructure for ADAS, telematics and infotainment applications.

Beyond automotive, our products address wired connectivity needs of robotics, industrial, smart city and XR systems.

Current Openings

Careers @ Aviva

We are a dynamic group of innovators changing the future of vehicle networks. We employ some of the greatest minds and talent in wired connectivity. If you are passionate about the automotive space and want to be a part of the revolution, contact us today.

About Us

Proven Leadership

Aviva founders are technology industry executives with extensive experience and success in leading businesses from startups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. They have helped shape the connectivity industry and are recognized for their successful track record in technology innovation and business execution.

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