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AutoSens Brussels 2023

Aviva will be participating in an live demonstration in BMW Stand #48 at AutoSens Brussels

Aviva will be demonstrating a in-vehicle camera sensor to processor connectivity using Aviva’s ASA Motion Link technology. A multi-gigabit standards-based solution has been the critical piece needed to drive the development of a new generation of intelligent and autonomous vehicles and represents a significant milestone for automotive manufacturers. The demonstration will take place in the BMW stand #48.

AutoSens is a unique opportunity that unites OEM, Tier 1 and supply chain engineers involved in automotive sensing technology. Coming together as a community enables relationships to be built in a collaborative environment, enabling engineers and experts to connect, share, and take strides in developing the latest technology. This event takes place at  Autoworld Museum in Brussels on 19-21st September 2023.

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Erika Powelson
Pacific Bridge Marketing

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