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AVIVA Unveils the Industry’s First Asymmetrical Ethernet Devices for Automotive AI and ADAS Applications

Live Demo at Automotive Ethernet Congress 2024 Will Showcase Comprehensive Product Portfolio Designed to Enable End-to-End Ethernet Protocol for Pixel and Data Transport in Software Defined Vehicles

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 28, 2024 – AVIVA Links, Inc., the automotive company delivering the world’s most advanced multi-Gigabit vehicle infrastructure for AI and ADAS systems, today announced the industry’s first family of multi-Gigabit asymmetrical Ethernet devices based on the Automotive SerDes Alliance Motion Link Ethernet (ASA-MLE) draft specification. The new products include Ethernet PHYs, Switches, CSI-2 bridge ICs and Zonal Aggregators, all of which are optimized for the ultra-high bandwidth asymmetric video and control links. These devices are designed as coherent components of critical infrastructure for the next generation of intelligent Software Defined Vehicles (SDVs).

AVIVA will showcase its robust portfolio of multi-Gigabit asymmetrical Ethernet devices at Automotive Ethernet Congress (AEC) in booth C7 taking place in Munich, Germany from March 6-7, 2024.

The automotive industry is rapidly moving from legacy domain controller-based architecture to centralized compute architecture, accompanied by a transition from point-to-point (P2P) topologies to zonal topologies that dramatically improve the wiring harness. AVIVA’s family of asymmetrical Ethernet devices enable significant reduction in complexity, weight (several kilograms) and cost of the wiring harnesses, while delivering new features such as time-stamp based precise synchronization, ultra-low latency, low power consumption and state-of-the-art security.

“AVIVA introduced the world’s first 16G standardized SerDes which set the bar for the industry last year. With this announcement of the world’s first asymmetrical Ethernet solutions, we have extended our technology leadership even further,” said Kamal Dalmia, CEO and co-founder at AVIVA. “These new products will allow our customers to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, cost and architectural advantages.”

Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Devices

AVIVA’s new portfolio includes devices that perform functions ranging from MIPI bridging inside sensors and vehicle computers to switching and aggregation in zonal controller units. The portfolio includes the following products:

MIPI Bridges

  • Single-port 10G Ethernet to MIPI CSI-2 Bridge
  • Dual-port 10G Ethernet to MIPI CSI-2 Bridge
  • Quad-port 10G Ethernet to MIPI CSI-2 Bridge


  • 100G Ethernet Switch
  • 100G Ethernet Switch with MIPI CSI-2 Bridge

Zonal Aggregator

  • 3-to-1 Zonal Aggregator


  • Single-port 10G/5G/2.5G Ethernet PHY
  • Dual-port 10G/5G/2.5G Ethernet PHY

These devices are now sampling to Tier 1 and OEM customers and expected to be available in production quantities during the coming year.


AVIVA is the automotive connectivity company delivering the world’s most advanced multi-Gigabit vehicle networks for AI and ADAS systems. AVIVA’s highly integrated and scalable solutions will enable vehicles to move vast amounts of data at ultra-fast speeds while delivering the performance, power, security and cost required for next generation automotive systems. More information can be found at www.avivalinks.com or contact avivainfo@avivalinks.com.

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