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AVIVA Unveils the World’s Most Advanced In-Vehicle Connectivity Solution Delivering 64 Gbps Throughput

Live Demonstration at CES 2023 Showcases AVIVA’s Breakthrough Innovation in Speed, Power, Performance & Reliability

SAN JOSE, Calif. – January 3, 2023  – AVIVA Links Inc., the automotive connectivity company enabling the most advanced multi-gigabit links for in-vehicle networks, today announced the industry’s first Automotive Serdes Alliance (ASA)-based chipset delivering an aggregate throughput of more than 64 Gigabits per second. Automobile manufacturers have been pushing for standards-based advanced connectivity solutions for the development of the latest generation of autonomous driving and software-defined vehicles. AVIVA’s highly integrated and secure end-to-end connectivity solutions meet these needs by moving vast amounts of data at the highest speeds, enabling ultra-high resolution cameras, LiDARs, radars and other sensors.

AVIVA will showcase the best-in-class capabilities of these chipsets at a live demo at CES 2023. As part of the demonstration, AVIVA will highlight how its chipset supports high-speed video communication over an ASA link for in-vehicle remote sensor applications.

“AVIVA is on a mission to set the bar for speed, power and reliability for in-vehicle networks,” said Kamal Dalmia, co-founder, AVIVA. “Our OEM and Tier 1 customers trust our world class team to deliver on a roadmap that addresses the requirements of advanced vehicle architectures, enabling topologies that have not been feasible until now. Today’s unveiling is the first step in a series of game changing solutions we plan to deliver.”

The AVIVA Solution
AVIVA’s scalable portfolio of ICs and software stacks will enable OEMs to develop highly optimized solutions, while significantly exceeding the performance, power and solution size metrics of the more traditional solutions in use today. Below are some of the key features of the chipset:

  • Highest Link Speed – Quad port devices support an aggregated bandwidth of 64 Gigabits per second, with up to 16G line rate per port.
  • Lowest Power Consumption – Time Division Duplex (TDD) PHY architecture reduces the power consumption per gigabit to less than half compared to other standards-based solutions, enabling smaller camera and sensor modules with better thermals.
  • Highest Reliability Links – Non-overlapping signals and Forward Error Correction (FEC) ensure highly robust links with excellent Signal-to-Noise ratios (SNR). This eliminates the need for re-transmission and ensures the lowest deterministic latency.

Schedule with AVIVA at CES
To meet with the AVIVA executives and see an exclusive live demo during CES 2023, email avivainfo@avivalinks.com with your availability.

AVIVA is the automotive connectivity company enabling the world’s most advanced multi-gigabit links for in-vehicle networks. AVIVA’s highly integrated and scalable solutions will enable vehicles to move vast amounts of data at ultra-fast speeds while delivering the performance, power, security and cost required for next generation automotive systems. More information can be found at www.avivalinks.com or contact avivainfo@avivalinks.com.

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